My name is Daniel Segertun. Currently I am working at Avalon Innovation in Malmö as a consultant.

The last 7 years I have been working with IKEA, helping them creating configurators and planners. In the beginning I was a developer, creating the planner, really getting my hands dirty with code, but on recently I have more and more moved over to be a guide of how to create planner for IKEA and what different system a planner need to use. Everything from how to use the IKEA:s API:s to what to think about when developing. What are the pitfalls and what are the easy fruits. I have also become the datamodel responsible for some of the planner.

Programming Languages/Work Tools
JQuery mm
Webpack, Grunt, Gulp (Building Environment)
Sass, Less (CSS)

Flash programming, Actionscript 2.0, 8 years experience.
Flash programming, Actionscript 3.0, 10 years experience.
C ++ programming.
C ++ programming Direct 3D. Draws in 3D studio Viz, causes objects to move in C ++.
Programming in html code, miscellaneous website production.
Programming in ASP + Access Database / MSQL.
Programming in ASP.NET with MSQL server.
Some Java, VB, Pascal, LISP, ADA.

MS Office
Macromedia Flash MX 2004 (very action script)
Macromedia Flash 8
Flashdevelope v. 2.02
Microsoft Visual Studio
Adobe Photoshop
3D studio Max / Viz
Macromedia Dreamweaver
MSQL database
FlexBuilder 3
Flash Builder
and more…

Below are a number of different assignments I worked with.

2014-2017 Ikea Solution Architech
Assignments: Datamodel responsible and subject matter expert of webplanner development for IKEA.

byggis elvarli

2014 Ikea India 3 weeks
Assignment Educator of planners in Bangalore, India.
Techniques: AS3, Away 3D, PureMVC
Role: Teacher

2010 – 2014 Ikea Planner development
Assignments: 8 olik configurators for different furniture areas (Pax wardrobes, Passing furniture, Galant table, Stuva furniture, bathroom furniture etc.) Both 2D and 3D.
Techniques: AS3, Away 3D, PureMVC
Roll: Flash developer AS3.0

2009 – Enamello-Karlshamn
Assignments: Diskette Disk Configurator with xml link to PHP and Joomla. The buyer could measure and view the disc in different ways. Out came a charge for the disc.

2009 – BossMedia- Växjö
Mission: Game Development (French Roulette, European Roulette, Fast Poker, Casino War, Black Jack, Texas Holdem, Trackday)
Techniques: AS3

2009 – IFÖ Dishwasher Configurator – Karlshamn
Assignments: Diskette Configurator. Opportunity to add and customize the sink as well as get a drawing and “fake” 3D drawing.
Techniques: AS3

2009 – Haemonetics Future Vision – Karlshamn
Roll: Flash developer AS3.0

2008 – Culinar
Mission: Presentation banner.
Techniques: AS3

2008 – BossMedia, Växjö
Mission: Chat client against OpenFire ChatServer and BossMedia’s proprietary game engine.
The job of an online bingo game.
Techniques: AS3

2007 – Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlshamn
Mission: Training in Flash ActionScript 2.0.

2007 – Electrolux
Mission: Laundry configurator.
Draw up your laundry, pull components into the laundry room,
calculate the cost and show the sketch of the layout.

2007 – Avalon Technology
Mission: New company presentation in flash to Avalon Technology.

2007 – Haemonetics
Assignments: Presentation Tools Made in Flash ActionScript 2.0.

2006 – HemoCue
Mission: Flash object, XML-based translation.

2006 – Haemonetics
Mission: Website, presentation of new product.
Made in Flash and ASP.
Role: System Developer

2006 – Ifö
Mission: Create your own sink. Web-based simulator to create your own sink based on the company’s standard solutions.
Done in open actionscript 2.0.
The flash application uses XML source for dynamic data.
Role: System Developer

1997-2007 – Educator / Programmer
General automation for operators, high school students and KY students.
Operator training Åhus Absolut.
Operator / Technical Education Nolato Mobile.
Kristianstad (Robot cells, Scararobot, Visionteknik).
Packaging sheet packing (Iggesund’s paper mill).
Packer of paper roll (Stora Enso Kvarnsvedens papirbruk).
Servotechnics (Advanced Motor Control, TetraTop Lund et al.).
Control Technology Foundation (Perstorp Gymnasium, KY Hässleholm, KY.
Helsingborg, KY Lund m.f. (KY = Qualified Vocational Training).
Control engineering deepening KY Helsingborg et al.
Control Technology Advanced KY Helsingborg m.f.
GXIEC Developer (PLC Programming Utility).
Robotics on Mitsubishi RV2AJ robot and ABB robot.
Supervisor training, Hylte papirbruk (presentation technique, pedagogy, didactics, methodology).
Competence Managment.
Regulatory technology undergraduate education.
Basic Course Drive.
Flash ActionScript 2.0.